Take a look below at what's included within your membership:

Welcome Call

Each new member who joins Platinum University is welcomed on an individual basis with a phone call from our head of admin. We pride ourselves on ensuring that new members have everything they need to begin their journey and make the most of the content we have to offer. Our welcome calls are tailored for each individual, such as answering general questions or providing advice on where to start.


The Platinum University team works tirelessly behind the scenes to go above and beyond for our members and provide value for our monthly subscription fee. As well as our keynote speakers, we offer regular webinars that are delivered by our experts. These webinars focus on providing tailored content to help those improve their skill set.
Our regular webinars include:

- Chart analysis with eToro’s Market Expert, Henry Ward
- Market analysis with our Head of Investing, Tom Williams
- Dropshipping Q&A’s with our Head of E-commerce, Michael Girvan
- Forex analysis with our Head of Foreign Exchange Trading, James Kelly


At Platinum University, we pride ourselves on offering as much as we can to ensure that our members have an enjoyable and worthwhile journey. We believe that providing educational material is not enough for our members to be the best version of themselves. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is challenging. It comes with many challenges along the way, and for our members to separate themselves to become part of the top 1% of the population, they need to have a strong mindset.

Our mindset programme provides members with the coaching and tools they can apply directly to their journey. We deliver regular content ranging from reading devices, moving towards a growth mindset and channelling negatives into positives, which will help our members strengthen their mindset, attitude and perspective. 


Network marketing is becoming more and more renowned as a powerful passive income stream, even more so now that more business models are built online. Many of our members have utilised our network marketing business model, by introducing their friends and family to Platinum University, therefore earning an additional income stream. We offer an extremely competitive affiliate programme for our members because we feel that it is only appropriate to give back to those that believe in what we offer and share our vision.

Every member is given the option to sign up to our affiliate scheme and receive competitive commission percentages for each person that successfully enrols.


At Platinum University, we provide members with multiple means of earning instant income; however, we also offer a fantastic stocks portfolio for long term investments. The course material we provide teaches members how to invest in the stock market from as little as £50, demystifying the common misconception that investing is just for the rich.

As well as this, each week, our investment experts will provide a weekly review of the market, and a running list of stock picks for members to broaden their portfolios. Platinum University will always offer the best guidance and tools possible to allow members to make appropriate financial decisions that suit their situation. 


Over the past few years, forex has fast become a popular option for investors. Forex is an excellent means of making money (and quick at that), but traders must understand the market and correct risk management when learning how to trade. Platinum University provides members with the education to support traders at all levels, with regularly updated content.

On top of this, Platinum University provides free forex signals, something that many providers out there charge a premium for. This provides members with an opportunity to trade the forex market with trades sent through from our expert traders, making money whilst they learn.

Risk management is at the forefront of what we preach at Platinum University, ensuring that members have the correct approach to trading the forex market. In this environment, all members are encouraged to open a demo account, to put what they’ve learnt to practice before depositing their hard-earned money. Whether this is for weeks or even years, correct risk management will ensure the longevity of their accounts and benefit from the compound effect.

eBay AI 

A popular option for Platinum University members is dropshipping. As the world moves towards e-commerce, breeding a newfound generation of bedroom entrepreneurs, we offer our members a full programme to build their eBay businesses.

Dropshipping allows members to sell a high volume of items on eBay without ever owning the inventory, which means never having to package any products or make the post office trips. Dropshipping is perfect for the modern-day entrepreneur, especially in the current climate.

Selling items on eBay, using an automated platform provides members with the opportunity to make a passive income, allowing them to make money whilst they sleep. 

Keynote Speakers

Here at Platinum University, we love to go above and beyond for our members. One way we achieve this is by bringing in expert and celebrity keynote speakers. We aim to find the best experts in the game for each topic that we cover to educate our members further. Our most recent keynote speaker was Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) who delivered his world-renowned sales webinar.

From the boxer Ricky Hatton to crypto expert Robert Breedlove, we provide endless opportunities for members to learn from the experience and knowledge of those they look up to and inspire to be like, therefore helping them become the most successful version of themselves.


As fiat currency continues to reduce in value, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular amongst speculative traders. Our cryptocurrency programme kicks off with a series of educational videos from a world-renowned expert, Robert Breedlove. Our content will continue to take a deep dive into the world of digital currency, exploring the possibilities of a cashless world, as well as investment opportunities into it. We teach from an elementary level, down to the different platforms available to purchase and hold your crypto, so don’t worry if you’ve never invested before. 

Our Community

Platinum University prides itself on the tight-knit community that has been formed within it. We bring together our members within Discord, where we have over 40 dedicated channels for each topic that we offer. Within Discord members share ideas, experiences and even help other members on their journeys. Not only this but the entire Platinum University team, including its founders, are very active within the community, offering their support and advice across all channels. 


Find out the latest strategies and information regarding the property market, including a series of experts coming in to talk about these key areas. One particular business model we are keen for our members to learn is the world of Airbnb-ing. 

Our Experts

We are fortunate to work with some of the leading experts in dropshipping, forex, stocks, mindset, cryptocurrency and offer all members the opportunity to book 1-2-1 slots with our experts. These are proving to be hugely popular amongst members, providing incredible value and noticeably increasing profitability for those that book.